Do Something About It (or Stop Your Whining)

If you somehow missed the barrage of emails, phone calls, ads and literature in your mailbox, you may not know that today is election day here in America. Well, now you know.

If you haven't already, drop everything right now {except maybe your kids} and get to the polls and exercise your American right to vote.

Why is this so important? Because you can. Because people have fought and lost their lives for your right to vote (among other freedoms). I believe in that right so strongly that I am willing to do something about it. But, I also believe in candidates who want limited government and fiscal responsibility. Which basically means – give back to the private sector what it can do much better than the government and much cheaper. Stop taking away my right to choose where my money is best spent. Stop taking away my incentive to do a good job. Stop raising taxes because of insane bail-outs that don't seem to be doing any good or "stimulus" money that funds crazy "shovel-ready" projects that may or may not meet the needs of the community.

Do I think all my favorite people will do exactly what they claim when they get into office? Well, no, but I believe that they are trying a lot harder than a lot of people who talk a whole lot and do SQUAT.

And, so, now you might get some idea of why I took today to stand at the polls from 7:30 AM in the freeze-your-butt-off cold until 4 pm when my kids got off the bus. There are candidates I believe in (and in my area, it is Warren Kampf, Pat Toomey, Tom Corbett and Jim Gerlach – despite Jim's over-the-top spending record). My husband and I are the local Republican Committee people in our precinct and Brian became the area chair in the last year which means making sure all our area polls have volunteers and that poll strikers sit in all the polls to mark off names of people who enter.The names of people who hadn't voted as of 3 pm were called and reminded to vote.

I know, I know. I link hate calling voters. I hate being called by people running for office. BUT, I did make a few calls because only 289 of 1152 voters in my precinct had appeared as of 4 pm. Now, that's sad. Where are you people?

There is plenty I am not going to address here because I tend to keep the political writing out of my personal blog. I like getting along with people. I don't like conflict, but when the government keeps taking more and more of my money, I start getting a little testy.

Why shouldn't I have a say where my money goes? Well, I do have a say and so do you – starting with free xxx asian porn videos your right to vote.

Last weekend, I did NOT spend my days handing out literature and making calls. I actually spent it in a training seminar for women in ministry leadership in the Presbyterian Church of America. In my desire to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, I stepped up to leadership a couple of years back in our presbytery as president of PresWIC (Women In the Church) to be the liasion between the ruling body of elders and pastors and the women's ministries in the churches. It's been great and I do feel like I am doing good but sometimes there are many good things in this world to pick from. Time is limited but if there's a toss up between serving God and country, I pick God first every time. Hopefully, I will get time this week to write a separate post about that training day. Very good material about thinking biblically and living covenantly in our families, churches and communities.

Now it's your turn. What are your passions? What do you feel strongly about? What are you doing about it?

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