Zee Brain iz on Overload.

Two days out of four and I am full to overflowing. Imagine if I had gone all four days. You'd be picking me up off the sidewalk outside the conference center.

Blown away. Absolutely blown away. The Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer's Conference was such an incredible http://uncensored-cartoon.tumblr.com/ experience, I am speechless. (Temporary condition, I assure you.)

I talked to authors. I talked to editors. I talked to traditional publishers and self-publishers. A few of them tried to figure out the convoluted seeds of fiction whirling around in my head. I KNOW. Can you believe it? Such patient souls. And, some of them actually seemed to like where I was headed with my epic plans for several multi-series fiction pieces and a couple of non-fiction articles. As I described my thoughts, they helped me make sense of it all and finetune and hone in. It was a beautiful process. At least it was for me. Now, I have to focus – do the hard stuff – butt to chair writing. The real deal.

Of course, then, there's life. Like hurrying out of a great conversation with editor Jesse Florea of Clubhouse magazine, my last of the day, to get home and help my kids set up tents for a sleepover. Life. And there's the trashcans on the curb my husband had to have driven by and never picked up that I saw as I pulled into the drive and the dog poo in my front dining room b/c the kids didn't walk the dog during the day while I was gone. Life.

And then, there's that nagging self-conscious thought: How in the world can I honestly believe I'll write any of these ideas into full books or publishable articles? ME? God, are you sure you are calling ME? And yet, after a week like this after meeting down-to-earth people doing what they love – doing what you want to do, a stronger more powerful voice says – YES I CAN. I can and I will. This is going to happen.

Praise the Lord. Hallelujah. Amen.

(And of course, running into Pat Moyer, the speaker at my last prayer retreat and mom of a wonderful woman, Karin, in our church and seeing Kelly of Awesome God Ordinary Girl were extra bonuses for the week! Not to mention getting to hard core sex free porn know the precious Marti Pieper, Kathi Macias and more!)

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  1. I’m glad you had such an awesome time! Can’t wait to hear more about it.

  2. Of course I had to check out your blogs after hearing your amazing mom-blogger stories, Sarah. :) What a surprise to find my name in your list of sweet memories! I will keep you in my prayers and look forward to seeing the ways God continues to use you and your http://the-hottest-teen.tumblr.com/ writing.


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