God. It's Me, Sarah.

It's one of those days – you know – like WHY AM I AWAKE already? It's going to be a long day and I need sleep but for some reason I am awake. It started at 5:15 AM when my dog started whimpering to go out and then my throat got dry and I started to http://uncensored-cartoon.tumblr.com/ cough. Okay, out of bed.

It's now close to 6 am and the coffee hasn't kicked in yet. My eyes are closing and yet I can't sleep. And, I have to sit in a day of conference seminars today. Not a good one to start off tired.

But, today is EXCITING. Maybe that's why I'm awake. Maybe God wants me to pray for the conference organizers, the attendees, the book editors and publishers and speakers coming to the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer's Conference today. We could all certainly use it.

Yes, I am thrilled to go to my second ever OFFICIAL writer's conference but I am even MORE excited to be sharing it with my teen daughter who I found out yesterday qualified for the teen workshop. We went and helped set up the book tables – TONS of books on writing. {I want one of each.} I decided not to attend the beginning session last night since Brian was out but we are going today for the opening session and staying through the final speaker tonight before heading home. Tomorrow I am just going from breakfast to dinner and skipping Saturday altogether. There is only so much you can do as a mom, wife, etc. etc.

The continuing session track had so many interesting options. I hope I picked the right one. I picked "turning your book into film." A bit premature since I haven't even free hot milf porn movie written the book yet but I thought it sounded cool. Maybe someone else will need their book turned into a film.

{Ahhhhh – just felt the whoosh of the coffee kicking in. Might start typing in run-on sentences now .  . .

The sun is coming up and light illuminates the green field behind our house that is getting overgrown again. Time for Brian to pull out the new lawn tractor.}

I should be typing up potential storylines to share with editors today but I hear it is okay to just come and start conversations that continue in years to come. I don't need to have a manuscript in hand (though I wish I did.) I want to know what they need and want and go from there. Lots of note-taking today and tomorrow.

I am grateful more than ever on this early morning that God knows every step of my path today. He knows who I need to meet. He knows who needs to meet me. He is in control and I rest assure that this is right, this is good. I have writing I need to be here doing {even today as my husband reminds me that I can't keep up with the projects I have already} but today is about making contacts, networking and getting my face (and my daughter's) out there in the writing world. I found out yesterday that my 13-yr-old could come for the lunch and afternoon writing session for teens. She is excited and I am sooooo pleased to have her joining me. Today should be a good mom-daughter day and an enriching day for us both.

{Did I mention I was up until mid-night researching and writing on booster seats for Cheapism.com and writing on cheap college text books for my frugal column in the Phoenix? And, why am I awake again? Oh, that right – to pray and share with you the awesome journey of two budding writers — one 13 and one 42 — going to a real live writer's conference today!!!}


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  1. Sarah!!!

    This sounds like FUN! To share in this with your daughter? Well, that just sounds like WAY too fun! Rachel isn’t inclined towards writing, but I can only imagine how cool it would be to share something like this with her.

    I had to smile when you wrote about your “second” writing conference; I got to enjoy you for your first!

    Hope these hours in conference exceed expectation. You’re SO talented in such a variety of ways, to continue to hone your craft will get you closer to all those hard core sex free porn wish/prayer/dreams :).

    Love you.


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