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We had such a fun summer but today marked the beginning of a new school year. We couldn't avoid it no matter how hard we tried. The girls were suited up in their uniform navy polos tucked into tan pants with sun-kissed noses from our last minute trip to the beach over the weekend.

August 006

Donning their new Converse shoes, they were ready to face middle school {until they heard the new rule about no purses in class or sunglasses as "headgear")! The girls are not happy and honestly, neither am I (about the purse rule) since girls just need some STUFF sometimes. Oh well, I guess it is not a mountain to die on.

August 008

BUT. . . I can't forget summer JUST yet! There's so much I didn't have time to blog or talk about. It was a pretty awesome summer. After travels south and travels to our campground, we all pitched in to help Laura paint her room SHREK LIME GREEN for her birthday!

August2010 022
It was definitely a party we won't forget!

August2010 008

At which, Laura got her new bean bag chair (lime green, of course.)

August2010 012

And here are our helpers — covered in LIME GREEN paint (– are we sensing a theme here?).


But, we aren't done yet which is why I can't post the final picture yet. Brian is still working on trim and the ceiling which is polka dotted lime green from errant rollers and amateurs at work. Half of Laura's room is out in the hallway and I am going nuts from the chaos but it will come together soon enough. Patience . . . patience. You have to wait if you don't want to do it yourself!

What I did do myself was to free xxx cartoon porn organize our incredibly cluttered walk-in closet:


August 001


August 003

(I didn't make the pictures full-size lest anyone see that I still have much I need to toss but couldn't part with yet!)

Ahh, it feels good to clean out and toss! Now, for my office. Eeeeekkk!


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  1. Vickie Oldham says:

    Love the school girl pictures. Lindsey and Laura look so pretty. I’m so proud of them.(and Momma too) Have a good year girls.


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