CPAC 2010: Interview with Brett McMahon, ABC Rep and VP of of Miller & Long concrete construction

At CPAC 2010, I had the opportunity to speak with Brett McMahon, ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors) Rep and VP of of Miller & Long concrete construction.

I talked to Mr. McMahon to discuss his growing concern over the outrageous paybacks Obama is giving Big Labor and how those paybacks will affect job growth.

Because of our unions here in PA, I was interested to learn about several of his national concerns which included:

·        Radical Labor Nominee – The defeat of SEIU lawyer Craig Becker’s nomination to the NLRB yesterday was a win, but Obama may still appoint him during recess despite bipartisan opposition.

·        Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act – Unions won’t give up on their #1 priority forcing unionization on workers and businesses.

·        Union-Favoring Project Labor Agreements – Obama is encouraging these requirements on big federal construction projects, favoring unions and stifling competition in an already struggling construction industry.

·        Jobs Bill – If the Jobs Bill passes in its current form, Big Labor is set to receive a big bailout for its failing pension funds.

·        Health Care Reform – Between the Cadillac health care tax exemption and the Merkley Amendment, health care bill paybacks will excuse Big Labor from big health care penalties and force more construction workers into Obama’s public option.

PROBLEMS in PA include: Union only labor contracts. Union preferences in state procurement.

WHERE'S THE FAIR COMPETITION? Hello people. How does one make it as the small business person when they don't get a chance at the jobs? AND, what about the crippling small business healthcare changes in the construction business? Check it out yourself! Take a second and watch the video below.

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