Works For Me Wednesday: Back to School Resolutions

What-I-Learned-This-Week-1 Well, this is our last day before school starts and it is time for some Back to School Resolutions:

1) Allowance & Chores: My kids are going to start earning an allowance. $5 if chores are done with $.50 allocated to savings and $.50 allocated to offering.

The girls will earn $2 for a clean room with their laundry put away at the end of the week.

They can earn $3 for either the laundry/downstairs bathroom/basement clean-up combo or dishes/upstairs bathroom/main floor pick-up combo. The girls will switch house chore combos each week and help when I ask. Those jobs aren't their sole responsibility but they are to be on call when needed. I'll let you know how it goes!

2) Weight Loss: Why is summer so hard? I really bombed on my Weight Watchers meetings and plan and I am automatically paying for it. Time to start fresh.

3) Class Prep & Articles Writing: TRY TO GET AHEAD A LITTLE. Yeah, what's that?

4) Budgeting: STOP the summer spending and start saving towards Christmas and the deck we want next summer. We still have some debt I want to source reduce so this is the year to DO IT and stop talking about it. Helps to stop spending, I hope!

5) Praise the Lord: for his blessings as we begin plans for the second annual PresWIC prayer retreat in January. We had a wonderful meeting yesterday with delightful ladies who offered their assistance. I also offered the moderator of the session who called the meeting an e-newsletter that would not just be geared towards the women's ministries. I am in prayer for someone to step up to help. Out of 11 churches, there must be someone with the commitment of seeing the churches unified through an e-newsletter and can help me in that process. Otherwise, Lord knows, my brain might have to explode. Maybe this resolution should have been entitled: DELEGATE! But once again, PRAISE the Lord for he ultimately knows our needs.

6) Ernest Prayer: for my family, husband, children, college students, neighbors and so on. Life loves to throw in those curveballs and we are going through one right now. I am so grateful for the strength and wisdom of the Lord through the roller coaster of life.

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  2. This is a good idea. I need to make some BTS resolutions myself. Like instead of reading blogs for 3 hours while I’m alone (which is what I’d really like to do), go be productive and do all my errands and exercise. Maybe I’ll start in week 2 ;)

  3. I love your resolutions. Thanks for sharing! I’d like to second all of them for my house! I’d love to know more about your chores/ allowances. I was just talking with some friends today about this and we just don’t know where to start. I love your ideas, though! Thanks!

  4. I love your list. I want to copy it and make it my own! I agree with everything you wrote, although my kids are older so their chores are more involved.

    Hope you’re enjoying the first days of back-to-school. We don’t start until next week. (I think we’re the last in the entire country to start!)

    Let’s try to catch up soon.

    Have a blessed asian porn day!

  5. We really need to be more conscientious about having the kids do chores to earn their allowances.

    Loving the idea of Back to School resolutions. It’s easier to start now, I think, than January.

  6. Ugh. The weight loss thing. I lost 29 pounds over the winter. Then summer teen porn came, and I just stalled. I’m back at it too!


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