What’s on Your Sandwich? Billy Ray Cyrus is Feeding America with Hellmann’s Mayonnaise

What a fun, fun way to end the summer! Yesterday, I was invited to join Maria Bailey of MomTalkRadio and BSM Media at the following event:

“Billy Ray Cyrus and Hellmann’s® will be kicking off their virtual Sandwich Swap ‘n’ Share program to support Feeding America®, the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity. For every sandwich created on Hellmann’s® page on Facebook (Facebook.com/hellmanns), Hellmann’s® will donate 7 lunches to Feeding America®. ”

(If you do anything from this post, please head over to Facebook.com/hellmanns and have fun creating a virtual sandwich! No calories here and you don’t have to eat the creations — so go WILD! Each sandwich created will automatically enter you for a chance to win a $250 grocery store gift certificate)

Because, I love a good cause and a chance meet the very adorable Billy Ray Cyrus, I asked if my girls could come (since he is ALSO the dad of teen superstar Hannah Montana) and off we went.

When I first told my girls they were allowed to come with me to NYC, their first words were “Do we get to ride a train?” So, we drove to Trenton and hopped on to Penn Station. Shortly after arriving in the Big Apple, my mini-diva in heels and I realized that there is a reason that anyone actually walking and not in a cab is wearing FLATS. (Lots of metallic sandals in NYC.) We stopped at the Whole Foods where we found some cute 1/2 price green and white dotted shoes made of recycled tire.

Walking the rest of the way (which according to HopStop.com was only a 5 min. walk but was really a few more than that), we arrived a little sweaty and ready to enter the air-conditioned meet-in-greet room. First, I spotted Katja Presnel from Skimbaco Lifestyle outside where the media had gathered to enter. Also arriving shortly were Amy from Selfish Mom and Jen from Connect with Your Teens Through Pop Culture and Technology. Inside, we soon met Maria and others arriving to cover the event. (Lighting is a little bad on this picture below. I’ll have to snag a pict. from one of the other moms when their posts goes live.)

NYC2009 008

Walls were stacked with Hellmann’s mayonnaise and bagged lunches with sandwiches made of all sorts of meats and uses for mayonnaise (like egg salad, turkey hoagies, etc.)

NYC2009 003

Soon, Billy Ray Cyrus made his appearance. He was definitely more “into” talking personally to individuals who asked him about the event than posing for the camera. He even agreed to take a little fan letter Lindsey had written on her horse stationery to Miley!

NYC2009 013

See here, James Fish from Unilever & Hellmann’s, Billy Ray Cyrus, & Karen from Feeding America.

Karen was an awesome spokeswoman and told us all about Feeding America which is a network of more than 200 Feeding America member food banks that supply food and groceries to 63,000 agencies that feed people at risk of hunger. It is one of the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief charities, providing more than 25 million American each year, including 9 million children and 3 million seniors. It distributes more than 2.6 billion pounds of food each year.

NYC2009 015

Here we are with the main man! FYI, he’s not that tall — just standing on the platform they spoke from and he’s a skinny thing. Need some sandwich meat on those bones. (We also received a signed CD from Billy Ray – “Back to Tennessee.” So very cool!)

Afterward, we enjoyed yummy sandwiches which I didn’t swap. Lindsey & Laura were videotaped swapping & eating theirs for the PR people.

Then, the girls got online and started making sandwiches. See below. They were in my Facebook account, so I have no idea who they sent sandwiches too. If you got one, feel free to pass a couple on! I also enjoyed talking to the Unilever/Hellmanns senior brand manager, James Fish, about their decision to see what social media was all about and create a fun way for the public to interact in this good cause through the Virtual Swap ‘n” Share on Facebook. I think it is GREAT idea.

NYC2009 016  Finally, our fun was done . .  . BUT, thanks again to Maria, we had one more fun stop to make. Hailing a taxi, we made our way to Build-A-Bear where the girls used the gift certificate Maria gave us and some of their birthday money to make a stuffed bunny named Butterscotch and NYC t-shirt clad dog named Sammy.

And so, we headed home, tired and satisfied with our last “who-ra” day (or exciting event to those of you who don’t know my southernisms) before school starts next week!

NOW, please head over to Facebook/Hellmanns and start making those sandwiches!

(After writing this post, I saw an e-mail from MomSelect & Maria Bailey giving bloggers a chance to win $250 grocery store gift certificate & 6/mo supply of Hellmann’s/BestFoods mayonnaise.) Here are the details below:

By posting about the virtual Sandwich Swap ‘n’ Share program on your blog, you’ll be eligible to win a $250 grocery store gift certificate and a 6-months supply of Hellmann’s®/ Best Foods® mayonnaise – now that’s a lot of great sandwiches!

To be eligible for this contest, publish a post on your blog between August 10th and August 28th that includes the following elements:
  • Information about the virtual Sandwich Swap ‘n’ Share program
  • A link to Facebook.com/hellmanns, encouraging your readers to experience the application  

Please send a link to your completed post to Amy@bsmmedia.com. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your participation.

Warm Regards,

Your Friends at Hellmann’s® and MomSelect


  1. It was great seeing you again at another charitable event. I already made two sandwiches on Facebook and shared them.

  2. Aunt Shelly says:

    Just built my meatball, provolone, and mac & cheese on focaccia. Called it the Meatball Monster!! Love virtual pigging out with no WW points. And LOVE the pic of the girls with BYC – looks like an amazing day.

  3. Jennifer Y says:

    Finally catching up and getting to read this post. What a fun day for you and your girls. Love that man! Am I the only one who remembers Doc–loved that show.

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