Story of My Life: Britt Menzies of StinkyKids

This last week, I had the joy of interviewing Britt Menzies for a feature story on Story of My Life. Her story just went live! Here's an excerpt:

"Mom, would you draw me as a ballerina?"

“By the time I get to the restaurant, I'm going to have Nickelodeon on the phone,” announced Britt to no one in particular. She was used to these sudden inspirations seizing her imagination. When it came to her new brand called StinkyKids, her passion won out over fear every time.

Calling 411, Britt secured the number of the well-known studio. She was in the car on the way to unwind with a friend over a glass of wine. Her life was full with kids and cartoon characters but tonight she headed out for a girl's night out with a woman who had been there for each turn of her unexpected journey into children's clothing and products which were based on the doodled cartoons she once created purely for her children's amusement. To read more, click HERE.

I don't always write about my interviews separate from the write-up itself but I really enjoyed talking to Britt and hearing about how she took a "hidden" gift and turned it into a thriving business that now incorporates the efforts of her whole family, including her children, the original StinkyKids.

I also loved hearing Britt's passion for her product. She didn't just stop with the originally planned T-shirt line. She is moving into books, animation and more! Her goals, her energy and her ability to balance family and home life are just amazing. Even more exciting, now she is taking what she has learned – as she is learning it — and mentoring other entrepreneurs around the country. She is the mom of her own message to kids: "Be a Leader of Good." Britt is being a leader of good through sharing with us these adorable characters and pushing herself – I am sure — beyond exhaustion at times to make it work – and then, letting us in on how she does it. What a cool lady!

By learning about and writing Britt's story, I am now inspired, impressed and enthused to start & finish my own children's books that are lingering in the back of my head and need a little boost to jump off the back shelf of my brain and come to life.

Thank you, Britt for sharing!

To learn more about her and her products, head over to the StinkyKids website! For her feature story on Story of My Life, click HERE!


  1. I opened a tab so I can go read the rest! Thanks for posting this – sounds FUN to read!

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