Spring Break: Skiing in Vail

Colorado 001

Can you say NERVE-WRACKING! Look at those mountains behind our heads! I was scared to death skiing down the wind-blown mountain passes with steep drop-offs to the left or right — but my kids totally loved it and my husband was having the time of his life.

I have to say that it was BEAUTIFUL. I will probably never try a trip like that again – 4 days of skiing when I am NOT athletic or in shape. BUT, again, the kids did really well and we all enjoyed the hot tubs and indoor pools afterward. Because we stayed in the Marriott in Vail with Brian's Marriott travel points (YES, FREE!) I was able to hop off the slopes, go take a break, and go back up for awhile. Most of the days, Lindsey stayed with me and was very patient with her ole' ma. The last day she regretted going with Brian and Laura since they made her go down the harder slopes. I am glad she got a chance to be challenged a little. For me, I'll take the life of the chicken! I really do like playing it safe, I have decided. I really do want stay alive for awhile.

Colorado 010

Colorado 013  

Colorado 012

Here are Brian and Laura – waiting for the slowpokes! They were out in the sun longer and got terrible sunburn on their chins and cheeks!

Colorado 016
Isn't she so cute? What a sweetie to partner with Mom for the trip!

Colorado 005

And, yes, the Pillsbury dough woman lives to tell the story!

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  1. It is so great there! Glad you had fun! If you ever come back drop me a line! The pictures make me want to head for the hills right now and YOU do NOT look like the dough girl.

  2. Glad no one was injured those mountains are enormous. I would have stayed on the bunny slope and hum the lodge.

  3. The brave and the beautiful, dating direct eh?!

  4. I’m all for playing chicken while hentai porn movies skiing! I love the sport, as long as I’m in total control… :) The hot tub sounds good, too.

  5. Vail really http://horny-asian-baby.tumblr.com/ is one of the most magnificent places I’ve been, it seems like you had a lot of great time over the place, by the way if you want another ski resort to visit, try Alpine Meadows in Lake Tahoe, I heard that they had some They have a killer deal on a family set of 4, pay for 2 adults and get 2 kids free, for only $1,299. That is an unfiltered pass too, no restrictions at both Alpine and Homewood! There are some other steeply discounted passes as well if you’re just looking for one or two. If you don’t want to pay now, no worries, financing is available so you can lock in the savings now and pay later.

    here’s the link if you’re interested..
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