Spiritual Filters

Here is my latest entry for the e-newsletter I create for the women's ministry leaders of the Philadelphia Metro-West Presbytery PresWIC. Thought I would share with all you lovely bloggers too!

1 Chronicles 16:14-15 "He is the Lord our God; his judgments are in all the earth. Remember his covenant forever, the word that he commanded, for a thousand generations."

Ever wonder what a coffee machine, a car, and a screen door have in common? They all have filtering mechanisms that protect us from the dirt and grime of life. With my coffee machine, I change the filter daily so that I can start fresh with new grinds to reap rich mocha rewards. With a car, the oil filter has to be changed every couple of months to keep the car running smoothly. With our screen door, we have to repair holes when they occur so that bugs don't get in the house.

Just like the filters of our everyday life, our spiritual filters need upkeep too. By spending time in the word of the Lord everyday, we are able to learn what true obedience to our God means. Yesterday's grinds just don't make the same coffee as starting fresh today. Imagine only having coffee on Sunday and expecting those grinds to last you all week, brewing pot after pot each day. The result is watered-down and stale coffee that gets worse with each brew. Though you may remember what was said on Sunday throughout the week, daily study makes the word of God more vivid and real, providing a fresh perspective on handling life as each new challenge arises.

Your car oil filters don't need to be replaced as often but changing them is still critical to the ongoing maintenance of your car. Church events and biblical retreats help keep our spiritual "engines" tuned throughout the year. In 1 Chronicles, we hear about a people returning from exile to claim God's promise of inheritance. We see King David working with his people to rebuild the kingdom. It wasn't always easy as his people worked out how to live according to God's laws and purpose. By being faithful to plan events for the women in the church, we provide the opportunity for members of God's kingdom today to be encouraged together in faith and to be reminded of the importance of life in covenant together, a fallen race redeemed through God's grace and mercy.

Screen doors create filters for our home that often need repairing or even replaced. In our spiritual walk and Christian ministry, a personal issue may need to be dealt with or an entire program in the church may need to be reevaluated. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. As leaders, we need to be aware of our own need to fall before the Lord our God and repent of sins that block us from learning or block those we lead from learning. When you are in leadership, prayer and submission to Christ as your God and King becomes vital as you constantly evaluate your walk in the Lord in light of his scripture. God is faithful to meet our needs for wisdom and guidance, helping us rise above temptation. He has also given us the authority in our church, through elders and deacons, to whom we should submit our plans and from whom we gain direction to ensure accountability in all circumstances.

Just like a screen door, some bugs are easy to see, obvious to the naked eye, but some bugs are tiny and seem to sneak through no matter how tight the screen. Sin is the same way. It loves to sneak in and destroy from the inside. Be wary of the small stuff! Satan will use whatever he can.

In covenant theology, we are taught that God saves sinners as individuals into a body. As your church provides opportunities for biblical encouragement personally and in community, be thinking about each event in light of God's redemptive covenant with us, the body of Christ.


How do your women's programs encourage women in their walk in the Lord, personally and in groups? How do you decide which Bible studies to dating sites use?

God's covenant plan is the redemption of his fallen creation. How do your women's ministries reflect this ultimate purpose?

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  1. Awesome! I love the coffee analogy, brewing the same pot over and over. Very creative teaching tools and a good challenge for us all:)


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