Wanna come for Tea? Planning a Tax Day Tea Party

I am planning a Tea Party and NO, I am not talking about having you over for scones, jelly and lemon curd. I am jumping on the Tea Party bandwagon that is spreading across America, little towns and big. The threat of increased taxes, the stimulus package, the mortgage bailout, the government's leanings towards a massive takeover of just about EVERYTHING has got to come to an end. This is just crazy, people.

If you live in the area, this is your official invitation to come to the corner of Bridge and Main in Phoenixville, PA for a Tea Party on April 15, 2009 from 6-8 PM. You might not get tea but you will get a chance to make a public protest against the change happening in our country that I certainly can not believe in.

Glenn Beck is promoting the tea parties through his 912 project (9 principles/ 12 core values) and wants to see Americans of like mind gathering to make a statement.

Now, I have to tell you. I was never much of a rally girl. As I have aged, hopefully with some wisdom, I do see the value in not only joining a nationwide public statement but using that opportunity to educate the public and even the participants in how they can help support local causes towards a government that protects its families, liberties and privileges. There are a lot of writers who could say it fancier. There are those quoting the great minds of our forefathers. From the humble opinion of a Stay-At-Home-Mom, I am telling you that I am sick of seeing taxes go up with less and less benefit to the consumer and money being pumped into organizations that should have handled their own money (and mine) better to begin with.

It is seriously scaring me which is why I am organizing and hosting a Tea Party so that I can better understand what needs to be done, so that I can learn the issues and know how to express them, and so that I can help educate others in the process. More on this after I attend this weekend's PA Leadership Conference where I get to go hear people who do say it more eloquently. I will try to take good notes for you!

Here are just a few of the sign ideas from Tax Day Tea Party suggested for an event like this: (What would you put on a sign in 6 words or less?)

Pay for Your OWN Mortgage

Free Markets, Not Free Loaders

No Public Money for Private Failure

We The People ARE FED UP

– Cap and Trade = Broke and Poor

– I would rather live under a bridge than live under socialism

– Revolution! Nuff said

– The sleeping giant is now awake

– Is this what you voted for?

– Government is Broken

– RIP America

– I'm sorry I didn't do more to stop the madness

– Tea is only the beginning

– Do you know what happened after 1773? We Do

– We don't want pork, We Want Liberty

– Special Interest Get the Pork, We Get the Beans.

Repeal the Pork


– We the People…are now owned by the Chinese

– Atlas will shrug

– Stimulate business, not government

– Home ownership is not an entitlement

– I’ll pay for my house, you pay for yours

– Party like it’s 1773

– Proud American capitalist

– Repeal the pork or your bacon is cooked

– Your mortgage is not my problem

– Save trees, stop printing money

Stimulus = $870 Billion, 2009 Deficit = $1.75 Trillion, U.S. Dollar = WORTHLESS!!

– Just Say No (word “Socialism” with circle and slash)

– Liberty is all the stimulus we need

Reward Responsibility, Not Irresponsibility

Andrew Jackson was Right: No to Bank Nationalization

Cut Taxes, Not Deals

Next Time, Read the Bill Before You Sign It

You Can’t Borrow to Prosperity

Don’t Mortgage the Future

Solve Problems, Don’t Sweep Them Under the Table

220 Years to Build the Republic, 1 Month to Destroy It

Obama has a Crisis of Competence

Why Should I Pay for YOUR Bad Decisions

Restore the Republic, Revolt Against Socialism

Sleep? I’ll Sleep When Conservatives Run Congress

Netizen Warriors, Not Dependent Whiners


No sexy hot milfs porn Taxation Without Deliberation

No Taxation Without Deliberative Representation

No Spending Without Deliberation

No Spending Without Deliberative Representation

Join Our Cause: Restore the Republic

We Don’t Want No click Stinkin Socialism !

The Very Small List: Things Government Does Well




– “Man is not free unless the government is limited.” Ronald Reagan

– “The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.” Vladmir Lenin

– “It takes as much imagination to create debt as to create income.” Leonard Orr

– “Debt is the fatal disease of republics, the first thing and the mightiest to undermine governments and corrupt the people.” Wendell Phillips

"A Republic, if you can keep it" Ben Franklin

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  1. Tea Party gear can be found at http://www.shirts4freedom.com

  2. Excellent, I like Glenn Beck.
    I would love to come!

  3. “It takes as much imagination to create debt as to create income.” Leonard Orr


  4. Sounds great although I think I http://horny-asian-baby.tumblr.com/ may look for one closer to York.

  5. So very, very sad; so very, very cartoon porn true. Makes me want to cry a little.

  6. GIRL – i LOVE this post and if I was closer…I would be there. Looking for ours in NC. :)

  7. mannequin says:

    We’re planning on attending the one in Philly, I believe? I’ll have to see if there is one closer as I don’t really like the idea of Philly for a day.

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