Enjoying the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City

Swimming through the ocean with the dolphins in a simulator, roared at by larger than life IMAX dinosaurs and dissecting real mollusks were just a few of the things my girls and I enjoyed at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City on Saturday.

We stopped on the way from our house to pick up my sister and head north. I understand that we were very close to where the plane went down in the Hudson but we couldn't see it.

Arriving a little late, we were greeted warmly by the ladies in charge where we gathered in the Jennifer A. Chalsty Center for Science Learning and Teaching. (We were there on Sat. because of our affiliation with SV Mom bloggers. Thank you SV Moms! Read HERE for a recap from other moms. There is also a giveaway and coupon codes for discounted entry at the same site. Go check it out if you live nearby!)

Offered yummy cookies, juice and water, we began our tour of the massive center. A lot of moms were in the room watching the live animal show. The snake looked pretty fierce so we headed out to see other floors. My girls were too old for the Elmo show and the liquid nitrogen demonstration wasn't starting yet so we walked up to the next level.

Picture 009

We made our way through an interesting exhibit about energy created by wind, water, sun and other natural elements before going into an IMAX show. My small crew was offered an early show since we were interested and ready to go in.

The IMAX is a HUGE doom shaped movie theater where animals come at you like they are alive. It is always fun to experience. We saw the sea monster show, following the life of prehistoric sea animals. Different films were showing at different hours.

On the fourth floor, we enjoyed the live animal tanks. I could tell my girls were getting tired when my daughter snapped at me for helping her too much with the various exhibits. I wanted to play too!

Picture 010

Nearing the end of our allotted time, we went back to the starting room where once again the ladies in charge greeted us warmly and gave us a Liberty Center carry-all bag and PR information on a thumbdrive (very clever) and, upon my daughter's request, walked us back up to the simulator where it felt like we were swimming with the dolphins when the car moved up, down and sideways as a screen in front showed us the actions of a filmed dolphin swimming in and out of the water.

We ended up at the gift shop, OF COURSE, which had many cool educational items to choose between. Laura picked colorful Mars clay while Lindsey got a mood necklace. I only allotted them $5 each which was PLENTY.

Picture 012

I ran into one NJ Mom blogger, Lynette, who I recognized but that was it. It was hard to socialize when you were basically following your child's whims through a huge educational scientific playhouse. It was similar enough to the Franklin Insitute in Philly that I would probably head there first from where we live but the day was DEFINITELY worth going and we recommend the science center to anyone who lives nearby and wants a cool day with the kids.

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