God's Big Little Moments

Today was a life-changing day. No, I didn't get my hair highlighted or my toenails painted, though they could use a fresh coat. In fact, if you looked at me yesterday and today, you really wouldn't see the difference. But a big change did happen to me today. I became an official college professor — of journalism nonetheless.

I have always love the academic world, learning and growing with each book and paper. When a friend called me on Friday to tell me about the chance to teach, I wondered how I could compete with what she brought to the table. She told me about the opportunity because she actually couldn't take it. She has years of journalistic work behind her but her daughter is sick and she has to travel to see her. The rigors of academia simply did not fit into her schedule right now.

I started to think over what I could offer the position and found a promising list of things I had done and could research and add. Complimenting that list, I realized that one of the best things I have, that isn't a personal talent but a blessing anyway, is an encouraging friend who will be teaching at the college herself. One of the most beautiful experiences in life is to have someone who believes in you and gives you the confidence to knock on doors and even walk through when they open unexpectedly. I saw her this last weekend and she gave me reassurances that I could take this new step. This whole exchange between the friend telling me about the opportunity and me going to talk to the dean happened in one weekend.

This morning, when I was talking to the dean, I thoroughly enjoyed discussing the use of online sources for media related topics. The world has exploded since I was in school and the kids want to know the latest things. Now research is at our fingertips with Google and other search engines. It is truly amazing.

We talked about the http://horny-asian-baby.tumblr.com/ syllabus and the book I would use. At the time (and I am talking mere hours ago), a book had been proposed but it was out of print and a new one needed to be selected. I was told that the librarian was looking into some options.

Around nine, I said my goodbye to the dean, tucked my official application under my arm, and went to meet a friend for lunch. We went to a store that she loves which sells pressed metal items in all shapes and sizes (also known as Wendell August Forge). Afterward, we started to wander through the other stores, ending at Barnes & Noble. I thought I would look at some books on journalism just to see what they carried.

Okay, I know this is getting long but be patient. It really gets good now. A man named John DeDakis was standing in the store with his brand new book, "Fast Track." I started asking him about the book and he said it was about a woman pursuing the story behind the mysterious train/car crash that left her orphaned as an infant. His eyes lit up as he summarized the plot and added in a few tantalizing details to grab my attention. Though I am a sucker for any mystery book and the plot sounded fascinating, my eyes were stuck on his card on the table. He was a senior copy editor for CNN. When I told him I had just been talking to a local college about a professorship in journalism, he not only shared that he had been teaching the same class for the last four years but then named the text he used and some of the special projects that he assigned. I was blown away! What timing.

When I got home, I saw a couple of e-mails about the different books the librarian found that might be possible to use. One was the exact book the author-editor mentioned. I was so excited. Here was the answer to the course book and a confirmation from God that I am on the right path, following His will for my life and part-time occupation.

It is so cool to see God's hand in every little detail of our lives like that. I NEVER go to that store and probably https://sweetdatings.wordpress.com/ won't be back there any time soon. Just at that moment, when I needed that specific input, there was a man with the exact answer I needed. It totally gave me chills the whole way home. Praise the Lord for His mysterious timing in big little moments.

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  1. He teen porn pic is sovereign!

  2. That is awesome. LOVE those moments when He shares a little secret with us earthlings. Go Perfessor P!

  3. Isn’t it amazing how little milf porn events like this add up into something extraordinary? Some would be quick to chalk it up to coincidence but I believe you are right in seeing God’s hand at work. This is wonderful and I’m so happy for you!!


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