The Finish Line

My sister made it across the finish line! It was tough going and she wondered what she had gotten herself into, but she made it! Yeah, Michele!

The thirteen mile run began at the Philadelphia art museum and wrapped through several historic sites to finish not far from the start. Less than half way, my sister saw committed runners flying past her going the opposite direction towards the finish line but she kept going. Texting "I need a leg transplant," she kept going. As we watched, she pushed all she had to finish what she began 2 1/2 hours earlier. I have never been prouder! My big sis!


Here she is with a woman who has suffered leukemia (since they were raising funds for leukemia research) and one of her coachs:

Trucks were lined up giving out bags of goodies to participants. My daughter wanted to quickly glance around the art museum while we waited. Since you don't "quickly" look around the Philadelphia Art museum we ran through the European art section, ohhing over original Monet's and Degas's and ahhing over Renoir's and Rodin's. We will definitely have to come back sometime when we absorb the intricate details of these masterpieces!


  1. congrats, Michelle!

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