School Days Have Begun

Hurray for School Day! My youngest started back to school today. Nervous and anxious, she was busy last night writing her name on everything, double checking the list and making sure she had everything she needed in her new single strap backpack that she REALLY wanted so I caved.

The only lesbian sex for free hitch came this morning when she realized I had thrown out her favorite lunch box at the end of the school year. She had to use an older one. "But, mommmm……"

I replied, "Everyone will be in school by next week and I bet the lunch boxes will be half off if you want to use some of your money to buy one. I bet we can even get one for $5 somewhere."

"I'm not spending $5 on a lunch box," came the reply.

"Well, neither am I," I returned with that all-knowing, don't mess with me more look.

She GOT OVER herself and decided that the lunch box from two years ago would do for now since it was barely used. It was one of those decorate your own boxes and she wasn't exactly thrilled with the end result which is why it had been left in the pantry in favor of other options.

This same daughter came with me to the closest grocery store yesterday to pick just a few items (milk, bacon, etc.) to get us through this morning when I could get to my favorite grocery outlet. Walking in, I announced to her that we would only spend $20 (which of course went quickly). BUT, I really enjoyed how she helped me count down the items and the money as we added each thing to our cart. What a great learning tool for her and me! For some of you this might be an established routine, but for me this is a victory in our new commitment to get our spending under control.

When the snack she wanted (Reeses Peanut Butter Cups) went above that amount, she had her pocket book and paid me back. I was even more proud of her for thinking of her sister and paying for her to have one too. We aren't perfect but we are learning that there are lots of ways to cut back that still let us enjoy a few things here and there. Today, I am going to go redeem the free Chick-fila chicken sandwich coupons that have been sitting unused in my pocket book for months and don't have an expiration date on them.


See Laura on her first day back to school:
DSCN1178 And, this is my daughter Lindsey, enjoying the fact that she starts a day later:


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  1. So cute! Love the disparity between the two pix. ;-)

  2. Suggestion to Laura-
    take that old lunch box-give it a coat of spray paint-made for metal. Then use your imagination-stickers- paint your own design-some of that textured paint-you can just let your imagination run wild. Would be a fun remake for an old lunch box.

  3. Now that’s what I call a smug sister:) I love the way you are working with them to budget and realize the importance/value of money and the non-importance of STUFF.

  4. The money all seems to go at this time of year . . .

  5. Lindsey and Laura- Luv your pictures. Have a super school year. Grandmoo

  6. Hello!!! Stopping in from the Philly Mom Bloggers group…lovely to “meet” you!! :) Great tips for limiting spending at teen blowjob porn the food store….love the picts of your daughters…too funny!! :D Have a blessed day!

  7. Shannon (Muzbee Crazy) says:

    That’s great that the girls are getting the concept of budgeting now rather than when they are on their own! Great pictures…sisterly love!

  8. Lindsey looks way too comfortable! Sounds like your school year is off to a good start . . .


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