Pajamas on Parade

Fightfrumpbutton "Hey, Sarah, those pajamas are snazzy!"

So, what do you say to the president of the campground when your mother–in-law is being carried out on a stretcher in the middle of the night of some unknown excruciating pain?

More importantly, when you are on an extended vacation with extended family and friends, you must realize that at some point in the week, you will probably be seen in you pj's. Hopefully it won't be as dramatic as my experience but if you are prepared, you are ready for anything.

Fortunately, the fashion gurus caught onto our dilemma of needing to lounge years ago (Sorry bloggers, can't take credit for that one). But you still have choices and I went through several tries to come up with this pair, relatively inexpensive at Kohl's. (As, I shared with a new blogger last night, to get this picture I found myself in my underwear taking pictures of the pj's I had just taken off.  Pretty scary, I know, don't try to picture it but have I gone crazy? These are the dangers of blogging. Your camera will show up in places you never thought possible.)

I love this pair for the campground, since you have to walk up or down to the bathroom, past other campers who you really don't want to scare. I used to put on my clean clothes before my shower but that was gross and I knew there had to be options. This pair is both light during the hot weather and looks good too! I love the silky feel. You CAN feel good while living in a cottage with no running water or air condition.

DSCN1150 But, of course, there are things, you really should NEVER wear EVER, such as:
E548dcac-69b0-4533-ac42-6e14ea3a011a. Lingerie and other light garments or none at all might be inappropriate depending on your crowd and where you are vacationing. I prefer things like:
F66e26bb-b230-4b5c-90c6-60cf2fbfc350 There are definitely options that allow you to walk past the various fellow vacationers without cringing and still allow you to get to the bathroom before you put on your outfit for the day. Then, of course, there is always the night pot but that has to be emptied which is more than I care to discuss in this post.

Now, when going to the campground showers, there are also some bathroom essentials that are best kept together and make the trip much smoother.

DSCN1129 The dollar store is a great source for inexpensive shower baskets. Fill with soap, brush, deodorant, toothbrush and razor, toothpaste, powder and shampoo (See Chic-Critique next Thursday for my WEN review and quotes from Chaz Dean). Oh, and don't forget your towel! See my cute pj's. I must have taken this after the shower. I did go out and buy new soap dishes and toothbrush holders after this picture.

There can be civilization in a rustic inspirational environment. It is doable. Fashion and simplistic living don't have to be at odds with each other.

The president of the campground will never know the lengths and care I went to look & feel good in my pj's. And that's okay.

I just smiled weakly and followed the stretcher up the hill. It wasn't exactly the time for much conversation anyway. (She is doing much better by the way and gets out of the hospital today!)

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  1. I am a PJ lovah! I used to have lavendar PJs with sheep on them. They really were my fav. I’ve now “graduated” into more sophisticated styles (HA).

  2. Ouch – I have a pair of amateur teen porn PJs that falls into your NEVER EVER wear category. To be honest, I bought them as a gag wear for a bachelorette party, but still wear them because they are comfy. Poor hubby. I generally either wear shorts/sweats with a tshirt or sexy lingerie. I think I need to go shopping.

  3. Needs some new pjs.

  4. Mozi – you know I won’t hold against you! Wear what ya have and enjoy it!

  5. anonymous says:

    but what happened to your mother-in-law? what caused her problem in the first place? sounds pretty scary for her to be taken to the hospital in the middle of the night while camping. sorry to be critical but that seems like the more important issue at hand, as opposed to pajamas.

  6. Read back in the posts to Lessons Learned to learn more about my mother-in-law and what actually happened. Since then, we have learned that she actually had a silent heart attack at some point in her life which has complicated the recovery from the perforated ulcer emergency surgery. An infection is further complicating the issues. She has not been released yet. Sometimes, it is easier to focus on the light and fun moments in a crisis to keep from bursting into tears. It has been a rough week for her. I would appreciate your prayers.

  7. I have worn tee shirts from 5K’s with boxers or pj pants for years. They get fish hooks cartoon porn softer and softer with each wash & my favorites become the oldest & softest. If someone comes by-they just think I am dressed comfy-not for bed.

  8. My solution is to never camp. Does that work? I do have a rather embarassing bathrobe with stains though!

  9. I love the pj’s!! The shower basket is a great idea, in the past I’ve resorted to zip lock bags but the basket makes so much more sense, I am gonna use that idea :)


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