MAX YOUR MENU: Frugal Field Trips

My friend offered to take me to her frugal living mecca and I HAD to say yes. You have to know that this woman always looks like a fortune with beautifully styled hair, sharp clothes, up-to-date purses and fun shoes. Her daughter carries a Louis Vutton and her husband always wears a polo.

BUT, the secret to their success is not in things they carry or wear but the commitment she has to researching the best deal, hitting the yard sale circuit and YES, regular trips to Goodwill to see what someone decided they didn't need and gave away. The Louis Vutton purse? $5 at a garage sale from someone who decided it just didn't work for them. The polos? Goodwill, garage sales, etc. NEVER does this woman pay full price. She is my new guru.

So, we hopped in the car and headed west. First, we drove to an Amish farm where one of the twelve children sold us a dozen ears of corn for $3 and 3 large zucchini for $1. She and her sisters had just picked the corn that morning.

Then, we passed two large Goodwills while my friend regalled me with tales of magnificent finds in the past of name brand clothes and unused Christmas gifts.

The secret of gas on trips like this is to share or take turns driving because this field trip was about 1/2 hour into the country.

Our second stop was at a large grocery outlet, 5 times the one near my house. I saw some similar items, making me think the smaller one might pull from the same source for dented boxes and near expiration items. BUT, the advantage of this place was that there were wonderful bins of miscellaneous school supplies and $2 boxes of mixed snacks. My $2 box contained lots of goodies from Pepperidge Farms cookies to fancy wheat crackers. I was able to stock up on specialty Christmas teas for teachers and Lindt candies for $.50/bag (YES that is 50 cents!) that had one or two little wrapped balls smashed but the rest were fine. I just need to repackage the untouched specialty treats in a small bag and no one would be the wiser.

As my friend said, there is no going back to normal now. When there are deals like this to be had, how can you shop any other way! This way I can be both generous and save money. This way, I can actually save for vacations and retirement and enjoy good food. I got Starbucks coffee for $4! I don't have to compromise, I just have to know where to go to begin with!

On a roll. .. . check out upcoming frugal episodes at Blissfully Domestic where I have just joined the financial team. A major relaunch is happening this weekend and I can't wait to see to everything coming up. And of course, there is my cool new editor Darla F!


  1. Wow I’m jealous. I’m wishing I were still back in your neighborhood so you could direct me to your new mecca. But alas, I am in a new town and will have to work to find these kind of places. Fortunately Texas is the land of the cheap, so I’m already doing much better in terms of gas and groceries, and I live near a huge outlet mall where there are many bargains to be had. But just as it took me awhile to know my way around the 422 corridor garage sale circuit, it will take me awhile here too.

  2. Wow wish I could find a place like that near me. Must do some research!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful, inspiring field trip. I could do with some of that candy right now.

  4. goodness, what great deals. I could use a place like that around me.

  5. I am always jealous of people like that. They look fab and then share all the great deals they found. I want to be like them! Congrats for joining BD. I can’t wait to read some of your posts. Happy long weekend.

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