New Diet Invention: The Caloric Smart Hand Swatter

I have a invented the greatest diet invention to hit the market since the tennis shoe. Only, this one doesn’t help burn calories, it keeps you from eating them. Imagine a swatter with a built-in calculator which in turn is attached to the hand.

The calculator is a smart one. It knows when you have eaten the appropriate calories for your body weight. Once you have reached your limit for the day it proceeds to instruct the swatter to slap your hand every time you reach for food.

The swatter is also smart. It knows you and how hard it has to hit to register in your brain that your body is more important than the chocolate you crave or the chips at the church picnic or making your friend happy by eating an extra large slice of her fresh apple pie. As a bonus, it slaps a quick reminder when you eat food earlier in the day that doesn’t help your body maximize your goals.

By now, you must know I am kidding, BUT imagine if such an item did exist. Would I have a raw hand for a couple of days until the reality of real self control sank in? OR would I become over dependent on it and live for the rest of my life with the silly contraption on my hand?

WHY is dieting soooo hard and why is food soooo good?

With a $10 Amazon card (Thanks Mom Central) burning a hole in my pocket, I invested in Faithfully Fit, a 40 days Devotional Plan to End the Yo-Yo Lifestyle of Chronic Dieting by Claire Cloninger and Laura Barr. WHERE have you been all my life?


Today, I read the first devotional. I am in love already. The prayer at the end says “I surrender.” NOT, GET me moving GOD. But, I surrender. I will put all things before the Lord today. I will pause and pray and think before putting a single morsel in my mouth. How about, I will pause and pray and think before speaking a single word? (ohh, this self-control thing might have several applications) OR, I will pause and pray and think before I spend money? (but that’s another whole post.)

chinese sex I am supposed to journal my goals which is scary since I have one more big vacation coming up this next week. We go to an annual “campmeeting” with lots of community dinners and way too many opportunities to blow any diet. My goals are to TRY to fit in at least 5 1/2 hr. walks while I am there, to load up on healthy options in the fridge, eat less than what is served on my plate at the community meals and to pray at the beginning of each day to stick to the LIFESTYLE (not a diet!)

Have you tried Faithfully Fit’s 40 days of devotion? I would love to hear about it. Better yet, join me. Let me know so we can hold each other accountable

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  1. I’ll have to check that out. How much do I love that the book says “I surrender”? That is so key to doing anything – if you’re “committed” to doing it, then you still retain a portion of the control – but if you’re “surrendered”, you are fully trusting and relying on God.

    Good luck! I will be scouring Amazon for that book. :)

  2. I have found accountability partners for my exercise to be the solution. We talk about what we eat while exercising. So maybe a good thing for you would be a spiritual, nutritional & exercising accountablility partner. Actually my partners popular dating sites and I started out as exercise partners and slowly morphed into all the other. What a blessing!

  3. This sounds like a great invention and devotion! I will have to put that book on my list!

  4. Thanx for the CCM button!

    I think blogging is the new weight loss method of choice for me.

    I won’t eat anywhere but in my kitchen. I hate crumbs and dishes everywhere.

    My office is upstairs and since I won’t eat out of the kitchen I have dropped 10 pounds since the CCM blog launch and trying to keep up with all of the PMB bloggers.

    I will check out the Devotions book though… anything to keep the pounds coming off.
    I hope to return to my once fabulous self by Christmas.

  5. Good Luck Sarah. It is hard to say no to the M&M’s, Oreo’s and all of the other goodies our kids can eat without a second thought. I’ll have to check out that book and I recently declared that I will lose 20 lbs.

  6. I want one of those calculators!


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