Fight the Frump: The Lilly Intervention

Fightfrumpbutton This week has been quite the week but in the name of Fighting the Frump, I will focus on Thursday's shopping experience.

People need interventions for a variety of crises. Unfortunately, in my hour of need, I had no cell phone and no one with me to stop the sheer gluttony of the moment. What is a girl to do? I was at the annual warehouse sale for Lilly Pulitzer in the local convention center with my hands full.

Knowing I needed nothing and had plenty of other ways to spend my time and money, I still headed to the big event since it was only 10 minutes from my house and people drive MILES to this event. I couldn't pass up the chance to at least see what the fuss what was about.

As I pull into the large parking lot, I see people with BAGS and carts overflowing heading to their cars. I pick up my step. Is all the good stuff gone? Can't be. This is the first day and the thing is going for 4 days. Inside the line is down to a twenty minute wait to get in. Women and children in various stages of complete prepdom stand waiting, peering through the curtains to see brighter than bright racks of clothing and boxes of more bright and brighter. In case you are unfamiliar with Lilly-ware, two-thirds of their items would qualify for the Preppy Handbook (anybody remember that little jewel?). Many items are bright pinks and greens and blues and almost require sunglasses worn inside.

So, I waited my turn. I stepped into the large room. Women were taking off their shirts to try on clothes right at the rack. Weary children sat by large piles while moms shopped for more. I am thinking that there must be some incredible deals here. I begin to meander. Knowing I can't really shop for my children without them with me anymore, I take a cursory glance through the children's section. I have experienced buying some Lilly through E-bay and my children not touching the bright stuff despite my pleading and pitiful resort to "but its a Lilly". Shows me, huh?

So, then I go shopping for me. I see a pretty white with sewn-in patterned shirt and a simple short navy shirt. I bypass all the incredibly bright items that I personally never see anyone wearing around here in public but seemed to appeal to the masses surrounding me who seemed to be grabbing almost one of everything.

Finally, with a tidy handful, I decide to actually look at the price tags. One small blue solid dress for my daughter with a cute golf shirt look was $80 on sale. My shirt was the same price and on it went. I stood there looking around. I was holding a couple of hundred in clothes and my bag wasn't even heavy. I knew in my heart that if I spent this money, my daughter would have no birthday party on Monday and I would have some 'splainin' to do.

Now, if you are a shopaholic like me, it is really hard to go somewhere where people are buying stuff left and right and walk out empty handed. I had no cell-phone to call a friend, so I prayed and then I lied.

"Miss, do you work here? I have a pile over there and don't need these items. Can you put them back for me?"

"Oh, yes, those are precious!"

No, lady, my kids, my husband. Those are precious not this stuff.

I hightailed it out of there faster than my solid flats took me in, without buying a thing.

So, what does a person do in such emotional distress? Yeah, straight to the outlet malls. Actually, it was the next day and I HAD to make a return. Now, there, I found some truly great bargains on still very nice clothes. I was able to escape with one pink top from Eddie Bauer for $8! Now, that's shopping to be proud of.

Well, tonight is the big Philly Blogger's Meetup and I have my outfit ready and hanging up! Yeah!! Can't wait to meet all you lovely ladies. I wish I had more time this week to read your blogs but the down internet crimped my style! Sorry.

The rest of you, have an awesome weekend. There is lots to do and summer is here. We have four more days of school and I am milking every free moment!

For those of you who wanted to know, I thoroughly enjoyed being a nurse in Tuesday's experience behind the scenes of an independent feature film. If it get mass-produced, I'll tell you more then. People are extras for many different reasons and you have lots of down-time to learn all of them. The most fascinating part is how each person on the crew knows his or her skill and brings that piece of know-how together to make it all work from the sound guy to the lighting man to the person holding the boom mike. Truly fascinating and I got to meet some semi-famous people. Some I had heard bits and pieces of and others not at all but you don't admit that! The blank stare usually gives you away but you smile and try to look semi-intelligent.

And then there was the political reception I went to on Wednesday night. Same thing, a little acting, a little smoozing and a lot of trying to look like you know what you are talking about. At least I didn't have to wear scrubs to that one.

Have a good weekend everyone! Go check out Fussy's Hose No's.


  1. What a crazy scene…all those women, all those very bright clothes. Those prices are insane. I walked into the Lilly store ONCE and picked up a $350 sweater…had a heart attack and stepped away from the sweater.

  2. Very jealous you have such great shopping opportunities that you can afford to pass them by! LUCKY!

  3. Thanks for the heads us cause I was going to try to leave early for the meetup and go to the warehouse sale. One of my friends actually left this morning at 5AM to get there for the day and she was going to text me if I should make the special trip. I just bought three Lilly outfits off Ebay though for less that $15 each so I guess I’ll pass.

    I think I finally decided on my outfit for tonight. I got sunburned at the beach the past couple of days so am probably going to wear a strapless sundress so I can be comfy. You will be able to pick me out…I’ll be the bright red lobster!! See you soon.

  4. Good for you for staying strong! The outlets are always a better bet. Lilly on sale is still quite steep. From one shopaholic to another — I’m proud of ya!

  5. I have a weak weak spot in my heart for Lilly Pulitzer. I only buy it on eBay though… and mostly for my daughter.

    I would have probably cracked at the warehouse sale and refinanced our house or something.

  6. I walk out empty-handed a lot. I go crazy when I get there… then get overwhelmed and then put it all back.


  7. AtlantaDebbie says:

    I own only a few pieces of Lilly, all bought at thrift stores here in Atlanta. Fortunately, I live in a city where women have the means and the inclination to spend a fortune on clothes they only wear for a season and then generously donate! I do have one piece (actully 2 if you get technical) of Lilly I bought new. I found last year’s swimsuit on a luxury cruise ship for $58 and no taxes. I’d pay that much for a Ralph Lauren on sale at Macy’s and it fit, looked good, and matched a sundress I’d bought at the thrift store, so I figured it was a good buy.

    I checked the Lilly sites afterward to see if I could find other pieces, like coverups, to go with it, and discovered a whole Lilly culture out there. People who send in their favorite Lilly moment photos, etc. Kind of outrageous, but whatever floats your boat!

  8. OMGS. Am feeling so simpatico with you right now. Where was I today? At the Lilly sale. Went in the last hour of the sale,invite has been on my bulletin board all week long tempting me. Go and buy overpriced clothes.
    I didn’t walk away completely empty handed, but I did exercise restraint. A lot of restraint.
    THEn headed to the outlets, less than 10 min from house, assuming you mean Phila premium, and J.Crew sales, and GAP. Made me sort of want to kick myself. Truly great deals to be had here and so close, why spend a lot of money when such great discounts? I share your sickness babe- I feel ya.
    Come and visit me on the playground. Maybe talk on twitter, and def lt me know about the philly bloggers stuff- would love to hang with my local blog group.

  9. “No, lady, my kids, my husband. Those are precious not this stuff.”

    Awesome. I love this.

  10. Couldn’t you buy just ONE bright dress?? You’d look so awesome at church. You’d actually be brighter than the wall mats! ha ha.

    I am a good shopper, but the other thing I am is CHEAP. ;-) So I totally understand your response. I’m proud of you.

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