Fight the Frump Friday: Cersies and Tussy Mussies

Here on Fight the Frump Friday, I have to bring to you some awesome Southern hospitality items for sprucing up any event. Robin from Pensieve brought us “cersies” this last weekend in the form of bags of sourdough bread. Cersies are small gifts given to anyone to make an occasion more special and done in a special way that is thoughtful and Robin takes the cake in thoughtful (or should I say takes the bread). 

When I asked her, “Well, what about those things that are flowers wrapped in lace or doilies?” she knew exactly. “Those are Mussy Tussies.” When I went to search online, I found Tussy Mussies and here is a way to create Victorian ones! There are also beautifully engraved silver flower bouquet holders under the same name for weddings which was pretty cool at the Wedding Depot. I so love the internet. So much information at my fingertips. Where does it end?

I wanted to post about my six year old niece who is a force to be reckoned with this week but time is short and I will have to tell you about her tomorrow and the half hour bathroom incident. Born a Charleston (said “Chaaaston”) fashionista, she has stayed true to her upbringing this week and kept us in stitches with her clever wit, incredible intelligence and commitment to lipstick.

Okay, okay, quickly. My niece and my girls had to get ready for the first day of horseback riding camp on Monday. My girls come down with ponytails in, jeans on and boots ready to go. My mom went to go check on my niece who was still upstairs in the bathroom after half an hour. The little sprite was in her underwear with her hair brushed neatly into clips. She had pulled out my mom’s powder and was applying it along with her lipstick. She continued to have multiple wardrobe changes through the day and had us all in fits of laughter with her antics. What a week. Watch out world.

See our cool CERSIES below (the warm sourdough bread went too fast to get a picture of it) and go check out Mrs. Fussypants Guide to Life for more Frump Fightin’ tips. Today has some hilarious pictures of Dollywood as only Mrs. Fussy can do. Did I say that I met Karla from Looking Toward Heaven this last weekend? Karla is truly the epitome of Southern graciousness. I so loved meeting her. We had lunch with some other lovely ladies before the weekend got started (pictured here at Nesting Place) and then it was so busy I sexy milf free barely saw her until the very end.

Sarah2008 016

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  1. Southern ladies are really good at hospitality aren’t they?!

  2. To be fair, Northerners are good at hospitality lesbian porn pics too but Southerners have a way of making up clever names for everything.

  3. I second what Sarah said! :O)

  4. I am not so great with the hospitality thing. But this post has brought it to my attention and I will try to be more conscious, like a good Southern lady, about it in the future!!

  5. Know how to make Southern sweet tea !


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