New Header – Thanks DCR Design!

Thank you DCR Design for my new header! If you can’t see it, clear out your "cache." Let me know if you need more info. on that!


  1. Cute new look!

  2. I love, love, love your new header!!! She does such a great job! I’ve got to find out if she can do anything horsey!

    Received the cd’s! Thanks so much, this will be fun to listen to while on the plane! I’m going to have to make myself NOT listen to them before I go and that will be hard but I am going to try! When I buy a book to take on the plane I have to almost buy it at the airport or I read it before I go. No discipline at all. AT all.

    I hope you are getting some of this good weather that we are having. It rained all weekend but it is so nice today. I have four people working here on an electric project so I guess I won’t be laying out on my deck in short-shorts! That would scare them off in no time flat!

    Thanks again for the cd’s, I will certainly enjoy them!

  3. Hi Sarah, love your new header! Did they draw the image for you too, or did you get that somewhere else?

  4. Totally loving the new look!!!

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