Fight the Frump Friday – Superglue cure

FightfrumpbuttonYesterday, I fought the frump by cleaning my house before my first ever cooking demonstration (a must-read since it was so much fun).

BUT, in my piles, I found a couple of quick TO-DO’s and so I decided to take a minute out of a hectic cleaning schedule to, hmm, lets say . . . superglue a colorful stone back in a barrett that had fallen out. It was one of my favorite barrettes (even though the haircut I received the day before would eliminate its use for months to come) and I thought this minute was as good as any to glue it back in – a day when I would need my hands to demonstrate food in a public forum.

So, I get out my super glue and have the pieces assembled, only to realize quickly that the tiny superglue bottle I had retrieved was already open and now the two middle fingers of my right hand were stuck together with the stone in the middle and nothing was on the barrett. Could be a lovely look — NOT.  I am thinking Noooooo – any day but today. I can not end up in the hospital today. Tomorrow maybe. . . not today. So, listen close people in case you are EVER faced with this dilemna:

ACETONE (fingernail polish remover) removes superglue.

And yesterday, it was my godsend! In fact, now that I am thinking about it, I just got the new bottle last week since I was out of remover. If I had been as low on remover as I was just last week, I wouldn’t have had enough to get the superglue off. (And if I hadn’t been so panicked I would have taken a picture for you).

I have no news for you this week – probably good – I get too cynical about it anyway.

Have a great weekend! But first go to Fussypants’s to find out who is going to be hosting Fight the Frump Friday after she delivers her new baby!


  1. Awesome post!!! It’s probably a great thing that I DON’T have any superglue around the house… for oh-so-many reasons! For one, I’m completely accident prone. And 2, I don’t wear nail polish or even own finger nail polish remover! Thanks so much for the tips on how to get rid of a superglue-y mess though! Much love and God Bless, and HAPPY FRUMP FIGHTING!

  2. Good to know ~ With all of they crazy things that happen in my home it just may come in handy some day! lol

  3. Valarie Lea says:

    Yep thats sounds like it could be a problem. Glad you were able to get it fixed though before you had to do your demo. That might have been a little awkward. :)

  4. Good tip and funny story!

  5. Oh good tip – we are big super glue users here.

  6. And that is why I do not mess with super glue- I once (don’t even ask) accidentally glued my shoe to the lid of the toilet. So I no longer own super glue. Am not allowed! Cute post!

  7. Nearly the same thing happened to me today. Every time I touch the superglue, I manage to get it all over my hands. Even when I’m trying so hard not to. Peeling a raw potato also removes superglue — and the frozen french fry I used this morning did a fairly good job in a pinch.

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