Whiter and Brighter

This week I was talking milf porn to a friend.
"Hey, friend."

"Hey, what?"

"How are your teeth always so white?"

"Since highschool and braces," she says "I always dip my toothbrush baking soda and pour peroxide over here it. I then brush with regular toothpaste and swish with mouthwash. Then I floss. Dentists since the guy who told me to do this said it would be abrasive to my teeth but I’ve been doing it since high school and it has worked great and supposedly helps my gums too."

WOW! That is dedication to white teeth. So, I went to the kitchen this week. I gathered baking soda. I went to the first aid cabinet and got the peroxide. I have been doing this routine for about 4 days now and I have to say that it is working! My teeth are getting whiter. Now, I am constantly working against myself with coffee and a diet coke each day but I have to say I can do this. I’ll show pictures when I feel my teeth are the whitest I can get them.

Have you ever tried this regiment? Did it work for you? How long did you stick with it? I found that I did not stick with the whitening trays and with the daily assault on my teeth, I have to have something I’ll do FOREVER. That’s a long time, isn’t it? It is all about that lifestyle change. My sister-in-law uses straws for all her drinks so the darker liquids will pass the fronts of her teeth. Now, she is dentist selling whitening products so I see her commitment but she has a point.

So that’s what is working for me this week. Go to Rocks in My Dryers for more Works for Me Wednesday posts!

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  1. Aging teeth and a love of tea have me thinking similar thoughts.

    A few months ago, I shook some baking soda into a small container to keep on my bathroom sink for morning ablutions, but I, too, am worried that long-term use will wear off the enamel…and then I might end up with far worse problems in my old age than stained teeth.

    But it does take off surface stains well.

    I brush with regular (whitening) toothpaste afterwards.

    Also, in the category of optical illusions:

    We just got back from Florida, and although we used sunscreen, we still got enough skin color so that the contrast makes my teeth seem whiter. That was an unexpected surprise.

    Baking soda and a tan. Works for me!

  2. Hi there! You’re so pretty. :D

  3. Cool I had never heard of this before.. but will have to give it a try.. I just used the crest white strips this morning though and for the 2nd time in 2 months(yeah I know they say to do it once a week) but just doing them once seem to make my here teeth so much whiter that I was happy and didn’t feel the need to do it weekly LOL.. and once again today they just seem so much whiter..

  4. Very interesting! I will have to try this. Like you, I am constantly working against my efforts with the Diet Coke… but it’s certainly worth a try! Thanks for the tip!


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