The Frumps have it: Lessons from the Egyptians.

Fightfrumpbutton"I fought the frumps and the frumps won" (or was that "I fought the law and the law won?")

This week has been an exercise DISASTER. Not enough time. Not enough energy. Not enough care factor. If you want to look good and feel good, you have to CARE. It was not happening this week. So, I am struggling for a topic but I will share a tip that I have told SOMEONE I will write into an longer post someday for a fashion review website, but not now.

Being a short cutter and inherently lazy person, I love ways to make life easy. I recently started wearing foundation and powder and other goop and stuff from bottles and jars and pencils points, resembling something off an Egyptian crypt or hopefully not. When I go out at night, I apply another layer for that extra pizazz (or was it for aging saggy bag eye concealment? not sure – must be the brain fog kicking in).

When I get home and am getting ready for bed, I run to the bathroom yelling "ohh, ohhh, get this stuff off my face. My poor pores are suffocating." Okay, it is not quite that bad but its close.

So, what do I do that is easy breezy, no fuss or muss? I pull out FACE WIPES I found at Sephora, the make-up store at the mall. I am in love with face wipes. They take everything from foundation to mascara off with one wipe. Not only that but they also have numerous vitamins included in the wipes that leave your face feeling refreshed and renewed. Love them, love them, love them. Did I say I love them yet? For a mere $10, you get almost a month’s worth of easy facial cleansing. I do use Dove lotion afterward and the Sephora woman suggested additional deep cleaning but I don’t and my skin doesn’t have problems. BUT, I don’t use heavy make-up every day either and I didn’t want to tell HER that.P173806_hero

Oh and I can not forget my weekly news from the treadmill couch floor by the laundry pile or basically anywhere I am and see something interesting to share. BUT, I have to preface this by saying that at the Y, I have 6 NEWS channels to pick between. At home by the laundry pile, I expand my options to history, shopping channels and much, much more. So, yesterday, I was flipping channels only to learn that:

1) if I really want the perfect example of combining art, engineering and ego, I go no farther than one Ramses the Great.

2) And, flipping on to the next channel, if I want to sculpt my body into a modern day icon and look as good as the Egyptians (even though you wonder if their artists fudged a little), all I need is a power juicer like everyone in Hollywood is using, the mineral foundations just like everyone in Hollywood is using and wear the Spanx girdles JUST LIKE EVERYONE wore to the Oscars IN HOLLYWOOD. Can’t these shopping channels get more original? I would rather hear that I could be JUST LIKE RAMSES or actually his idolized wife Nefertari (which means Beautiful Companion) and get a temple named after me simply for looking good.

3) Finally, if someone like Ramses tried to exist today, he had better not set up a ranch in West Texas since Ramses had over 101 children by the age of 21. He wouldn’t be looked upon too highly, that lover boy.

4) Ohhh, and can’t forget the inspirational channel. Joyce Meyer says, "THROW OUT THE EXCUSE BAG." Guess I had better get back to the gym . . .but the kids are out of school . .  . but it hurts . . . but . . .but . . but. . . . NO! — Throw it out and get that butt moving in the right direction.

Well, that’s all for today so go check out Fussy’s Fight the Frump Friday and see if anyone else has more poignant tales to tell.

Speaking of which, check out Pensieve’s Haiku poetry linkie and my own spring haiku entry!

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  1. I am hosting a give away and would like to invite you to stop by and see how to enter. God bless!

  2. I feel your pain ~ We leave for vaca in 6wks and I have some major weight to lose! lol No motivation here…..
    Oh and I too love Joyce Meyer.

    Well, Happy Frump Fighting Friday.

  3. 101 kids by 21, well he was a busy boy.

    I love Joyce Meyers. That line throw out the Excuse bag is great. I need to put that on the bathroom mirror.

  4. Joyce Meyer fan milfs sex videos free here too!!!!! I’ve been to 3 of her retreats.

    I use Olay wipes to remove my make up – I usually have a coupon so they are less than $5 a month.

  5. I need to get some of those face wipes.

  6. Christine @ Serenity How? says:

    Facial wipes are so great. I love them.

    No more excuses…I’ll have to start on that one. Right after the weekend LOL!

    Great post and great blog. :)

  7. Really great post! I know those little face wipes can be a lifesaver! Ever since I discovered them through my best friend in college, I always try to keep some on hand. On the go they’re great too!

    Again – Awesome Post! Happy Frump Fighting!!

  8. Thanks for sharing about these face wipes — and the price is really reasonable, which I was kind of surprised about. I might have to get some of these! :)

  9. I wish we had a Sephora here in our area. I had never even heard of it until dcrmom started writing about it. We always get things here about 5 years after the rest of the world. Sigh….. I love Joyce Meyer’s saying Throw Out The Excuse Bag! I L.O.V.E. that! I think I will print it off on some pretty scrap booking paper and put it on my mirror! Thanks!

  10. Hi Sarah!

    I’m glad you like click here my NaBloPoMo badge! :) I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get over here. For some reason the link to your blog (from your comment on my site) wasn’t working correctly and I didn’t have time to figure out WHY until today! -Crazy week!

    You’ve probably already figured this out, but in case you didn’t read my answer to your question cartoon porn comic (from oh… a WEEK ago ;) ) for NaBloPoMo, you can write your posts anywhere. They don’t have to be copied to the NaBloPoMo site. It’s up to you. As long as you let them know which site you’re blogging on (maybe put that info on your NaBloPoMo page in a post) it’s fine to only post here.

    Good luck with the rest of April! :)

  11. I’m walking (waddling?) to church today, inspired by your post. Can’t fit behind the steering wheel anymore anyway…Have a blessed day!


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