News from the Pink Toolbox: Window Splining

Dscn0849 Wfmwsmall_2 Ever had to pop out your screen to get in your house? I did and it stayed that way for months. I finally asked my husband what I could do to help. His response: "The tool you need is not going to be in your pink tool box. It is behind my workbench and it is called a splining tool." Why? I ask. "To place the spline back in the channel." Okay. Makes sense.

So, I went on a hunt. I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE – nothing.


I knew the uses for what I saw and none looked like something to use on the spline of a screen window. So, I broadened my search until I found a long skinny tool
on another surface. I didn’t know at the time if it was the right tool but as with my recipes, it looked like it could work so I made it work by stretching the screen and using the tool I had to press the "spline" or rubber edging back into the channel holding the screen mesh.. I wouldn’t endorse this methodology but it worked.




Well, after doing the job, I learned that a splining tool actually looks like the picture of the tool with the wheel in it. If you want a real lesson on DIY (Do It Yourself) screen-fixing, check out the DIY Home Improvement Website. They cover a number of different fixes.

Whatever the tool I used is (and I still don’t know- Do you?), maybe I should paint it pink and add it to my handy dandy pink tool kit! Or hang it on the wall? It looks kind of antique. Actually I did just find out that the tool I used was a chainsaw file. Gotta be careful with those! Check out Rocks in My Dryers for more Works for Me Wednesday tips!Dscn0815


  1. Well, I guess every tool can’t be in every kit, LOL! But I have a pink toolkit and I love it. I always know where to find something when I need it…especially scissors.

  2. No pink tool box here, so I’m not expected to fix anything! I leave that to Hubby. Hmmm, maybe I should rethink getting a pink tool box, so some things might get fixed around here! (LOL – JK!)

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