Need a GNO?

"Have fun at your GNO!" said my mom so sweetly over the phone knowing I would have nooo idea what she was talking about. My sister figured it out and my brother actually gave my mom the Miley Cyrus lingo lesson. You think my girls would already know but the three of us just weren’t connecting. I was hearing "GYNO" but I knew that wasn’t coming up and wouldn’t be associated with the word fun.

My mother restated the wish. "Have fun at your GIRLS NIGHT OUT (or GNO)" Apparently my six year old niece knew her Hannah Montana better than my 9 & 10 yr. old mini-fans of the show.

And so, the adventure began as we loaded up and headed over the state line for my sister’s house for the night. She has redone her guest bedroom beautifully and we were all to happy to pay a visit. (Except my husband who wasn’t invited for the OBVIOUS reason. This is not a GNOWD or Girls Night Out With Dad. Hey, I can create lingo too, so there.) The awesome auntie, my one and only big sis, greeted us with delicious treats, from specialty cheeses, dark chocolate and wine for the big girl’s night-in to fresh strawberries and blackberries and popcorn for the little girls during the movie. We had fun talking, looking at photos from last year’s trip to Morocco and watching Mr. Magorium’s Emporium which was really cute.

Too soon it was time for bed. Now, I have to tell you that going to sleep in a 200 year old house brings up all kinds of images of ghosts, etc. especially after watching a special on the Discovery Channel that free teenporn vid afternoon about hauntings. I would not have been surprised by a cold chill or two. Instead, I slept soundly unless you count the weird dream about running into Oprah Winfrey and rooting around in my messy purse but not having a single check to buy the book she was signing. How weird is that!

So, our GNO became a GDO or Girls Day Out as we woke, ate, started a game of Monopoly which I WAS WINNING (in property value not cash — house rich and cash poor — a little too like real life for comfort) when we quit for the day and headed over to the new NIMS ISLAND movie which is also incredible and really a cool movie. I highly recommend this little getaway. My sister came away wanting to go to an island. I wanted to go home and create an action figure which suits my budget a little more. My daughters came away just wanting Maggie Moo Ice Cream which suited us all!

And so, we are home now. I am not sure that the 30 min. on my sister’s treadmill made up for the goodies we indulged in but at least it was something and the fun was worth the trip!
THANKS BIG SIS for a great GNO! Let’s do it again soon.

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  1. That is so great for you all to get together like that and have so much fun! here Memories being made that are so sweet! Do it often!


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