Love ya body, love it, love it, love it.

FightfrumpbuttonLove your body and it will love you. Hate your body and it will never be right no matter what size or shape you are. This week for me was about getting back on track, exercising and eating much, much better than last week. I decided to love my body and do something about making it even more lovable and less flumpy frumpy.

But, here’s how the week started with my mind and my body at war with each other.

Body: "It’s Monday, you really should go to the YMCA and get on that awesome new elliptical stepper."

Mind: First stop light, right turn signal to go home goes on.

Body: "Nope go to the Y."

Mind: Second stop light, turn signal comes on.

Body: "Nope, never mind the stuff you need teen porn to do at home. Get to the Y."

Mind: Third stop light, turn signal comes on.

Body: "No, No, keep driving."

Mind: Sitting in the parking lot. "I really should go on home."

Body: No, I want to love my body not hate it so I must go in. I won’t get a workout if I don’t go in.

Thirty-five minutes later I have worked up a sweat, done my cardio for the day and now, YES I can go home and it felt so totally great getting it done at the beginning of the day and moving on to all that waited! I managed to take off two more pounds this week! Yeah!!!! So, what are you waiting for – get the frump moving. Show your body you love it. Watch what you put in it and watch it whittle away with exercise. (I can’t believe this is me of all people – sounding like some exercise guru. You must know this was not me in January. YES, things can change, people. You can do it. It is all in what you want and how bad you want it.)

And, so this week’s news is from the treadmill AMT elliptical, watching my favorite six news channels hanging from the Y ceiling. I am sharing with you what I learned:

1) You are only somebody if you’ve been interviewed by James Lipton from Bravo, who is known for staying away from cheesy gossipy topics and hitting the hardcore stuff that really matters. You didn’t know what you were missing, did ya?

2) Martha Stewart says "Buy green and crispy." And, she was paired with Meredith the day I saw her. Matt must have been out on assignment. Speaking of which, next Tuesday, Laura Bush is playing host on one of the channels – a first for a first lady! Go Laura. Go Laura. Sorry I can’t tell you which — you’ll just have to keep flippin’.

3) Perfume can go bad within a week if you put it in your window sill. Keep it in a cool, dark place and it will last up to 100 years, says authors of none other than a book called Perfume, only I couldn’t find the exact book in my internet search. Sorry.

4) The Top 6-word motto for the US is: "Our Worst Critics Prefer to Stay" as reported by Freakonomics writer Stephen J. Dubner. Here, here!

5) The new nicknames for the presidential candidates have risen to new heights from McBush for McCain and OBillary for Hillary and Obama put together. I wish I had the picture of their faces morphed together. Totally scary. Ohh – Here it is –Totally messes with your mind.2325343913_5fd03b91e2

And if you haven’t got enough Fight the Frump, go back to my Wednesday post on how to have whiter teeth with baking soda and peroxide or my Tuesday post on the CamiLeon heel that can change from 1" to 3" on the same shoe! You really aren’t paying attention now that I put this picture up, are you? Yeah, it is definitely freaky.

Now, if you can tear yourself away, I view know you will want to check out all the other wonderful posters over at Fussy’s Fight the Frump Friday for tons more good ideas.

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  1. Oh, that IS creepy! I wonder if spouses morphed pictures of each other if they could see a resemblance to their children??

  2. Good for you on working out. It feels so good (when you’re done) doesn’t it?

  3. Your description of mind/body war over working out is so true for me, too. I do the same thing. I’ve only been to the Y twice this week. Not good.

    Faces morphed of Obama and Clinton! How funny!

  4. I have had those same arguments with myself – that’s hysterical to read someone else does the same thing.

  5. I am about to start a work out program in about a week, hopefully it will get me jumpstarted.

    That Picture, yeah I think I am gonna have nightmares now. :)

  6. I started exercising this week too. Two times I walked on my treadmill for 32 minutes and did some free weights. I am trying to lose some poundage and inches off my belly.

  7. Mackenzie's Momma says:

    *snorts at the OBillary pictures*

    I too have been trying to eat healthier, and once I can afford it I should totally join a gym around here.

    (i updated my FtF post with pics)

  8. Christine @ Serenity How? says:

    Oh, those pictures LOL!!!

    Too bad we don’t burn off calories arguing with ourselves over whether or not to exercise. Good for you for working out. :)

  9. Oh, I NEED to get back to working out! Back in the day, I was quite the runner. Now I just run after my little girl! Really good post – even though the OBillery totally freaked me out. Happy Frump Fighting! Much love & God Bless


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