Hellooooo World, It's April and the NaBloPoMo theme is Letters

Letters1b Hey – I am trying the NaBloPoMo April challenge or National BLog Posting Month where you post every day for that month and the theme is Letters! I just saw that fact minutes ago and don’t have a letter per say to share but if any of my friends out there in blogging world would like to write me, I would love some inspiration!

Here’s one of my blog response e-mails to yesterday’s post about selling gold (because snail how to train your dragon cartoon porn mail just doesn’t happen anymore in my life):

You definitely have to be careful when selling back gold to make sure you’re getting the the best free asian porn right value. We started buying bullion (from any coin shop)for $350 an ounce in 2003, now it’s almost tripled it value. There are a lot of companies out there offering to buy back gold jewelry for a fraction of the current gold price, and they’re making a buttload of money!"
From Memarie Lane

When I asked her about buying stuff off E-bay to sell, here’s what she said:

I wouldn’t buy anything off ebay because you can’t really be sure what you’re getting. The gold has to be pure. If you’re unsure, the best thing to do is talk to a coin shop operator or a small-time jeweler, someone who hottest milf porn free knows about it but doesn’t stand to profit from lying to you.

Great thoughts Marie!! Thanks for the input.

Okay, on a different note, you want to know something funny. I mean really funny. Okay, no joke, really funny, perhaps not Gufaw funny or Hardy Har-Har funny but coincidentally quite humorous to the ironic, dry-wit mind.

Getting to the point, here I am feeling all guilty not even looking at my bible study questions that were supposed to be done before now and in 19 minutes I am being picked up to go to the study where the most of the ladies probably did their homework while I sit here just blogging about it.

And, okay, dating sites here’s the funny part. I know you are holding your breath.

I just glanced down at the theme of the study and today it is Philemon, one in a CBS (or Community Bible Studies) series on Pastoral and Short LETTERS! How appropriate is that? Here I said I had no letters to share and there they are just quietly waiting me to focus and see that while I might not have letters to share, God definitely has some letters to share with me!

Philemon v.9 May we, like Paul, make all our requests to others "on the basis of love."

Gott http://the-hottest-teen.tumblr.com/ a go! The car’s a honkin’. Guess I get to listen today. That’s probably not a bad thing.

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  1. Good luck on your NaBloPoMo challenge. This is my first try at it, and so far I’ve stayed with it for 3 days. Yay! Wonder how I’ll feel 7 days from now? Ha Ha! I will format posts in letters as much as I can, but my main goal is to just post something…anything…every day.


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