Smiley Saturday Summaries

Smileysaturday2 Check out the cool Smiley Saturday posts at Lightening Online!

Today, I asian porn am smiling because:

1) Lightening Online gave me an award, among her Smiley Saturday participants, that is too cute! I haven’t decided who to pass it on to yet but I’ll work on that!Cheerupaward4

The original poster of the award and code can be found at A Nice Place In The Sun who created the award for the " bloggers who make me laugh until my face hurts, . . . whose writing voice comforts me when I’m feeling lost or inspires me when I’m feeling blue."

2) I’ve been swap partnered with Why Bother? from Australia through Lightening Online and I am thinking hard now what to send. I have to include something pink in the item or packaging. Hmmm. And, it has to be under $10. Hmmm. I’m thinking, I’m thinking. Hard to do this morning but I’m thinking. I promise to have an idea before the post office opens on Monday.

3) Speaking of pink, I am smiling because I love my PINK Tool Kit! See below. On Monday, I will  post "News from the Pink Tool Kit" which will be geared towards women trying to keep their house in order while the men fix, fuddle and fume and finish a fabulous basement and don’t get your pictures hung or your vacuum fixed. Sometimes you just have to do it yourself and if anything in my whole married life has stayed together it is my pink toolkit (minus the scissors) because men won’t be seen using pink tools. I love it! I think my mom bought it years ago from Lillian Vernon. Oh, dude, it is still there and even on sale! I should get a commission.


4) Finally, I am smiling over Blonde Brownies with chocolate chips in them from my old Southern Living Cookbook! My family loves them too. I’ll put up the recipe next week sometime! Stay tuned!


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  1. I’m loving that pink tool kit!

  2. Hi partner! I luuuuuuuurve elite dating your pink tool kit: that is so cool! I love the look of your blog, so I’m off to have a look around and see what ideas I can come up with. Isn’t Lightening great? :)


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