The Coolest Kid in School

"But, Mom, she’s the coolest kid in school!"

Is watch cartoon porn for free that why she ask to borrow your new bracelet and never returned it?
Is that why she’s nice to you only every other day?
Is that why she told another girl to come look at the gap in your front teeth?

Oh, my child. My heart aches.

Our self-esteem talks are coming at younger and younger ages. My youngest, thin as a rail, actually told me that she is too fat. Where are these messages coming from? The media, peers, etc. She is only 9! No-No-No. It can’t be happening this young. But it is!

I am grateful to know the answers now to give her before they get too hard. No, you’re not fat. No, you don’t need a diet but yes, we can all free hd asian sex videos eat more healthy. Yes, you can brush your hair and teeth without Mommy having to nag . Yes, you can care about hygiene and wear lip gloss. Some things are okay and don’t contradict our desire for the prolonged purity of our growing girls. Where to draw the line will certainly get trickier as they get older. I have to say I love uniforms!

I told L. that her little friend might be considered cool in her class, but the whole school? I think some older "cooler" kids might have a problem with that conclusion. I told her to be the nice little girl she is but to not give things away that you expect to see again, to never take things to school you don’t want to lose or possibly get stolen and to love her neighbor as herself as we are taught in the Ten Commandments. There is so much to teach. I can’t say I fared better at those ages and I just pray God will give me wisdom every day to deal with each issue or "cool kid" they face. I am sure we will make it through in one piece together but right now, we just take it a day at a time.

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  1. They say that childhood is hard but I think being a parent is even harder. My daughter is 5 going on 15!

  2. They say that childhood is hard but I think being a parent is even harder. My daughter is 5 going on 15!


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