Serendipitous Saturday

What could possibly be more fun than a girl’s day at the mall? I can’t imagine, so guess where I was today? – on a girls day at the mall!

Starting the day with a child throwing up in the sink might pull at the heart strings of a more sensitive "Guess I’ll miss the trip to the mall" mom but that’s not me so off I went! Okay, let me rephrase that: Fortunately, my child is old enough that I can leave her and her sister with a fully capable dad and not feel too guilty.

So, what could possibly have warranted a 5 hour stay at the mall, you ask? Well, there’s one friend’s totally adorable new blue glasses from Lenscrafters that we got to ohh and ahh over. She is looking very chic now. Then, we went to Sephora (the third time this week for another friend) to return one item and buy lipstick & lipliner for one of us, with recommendations from the sales consultant. If you are thinking of trying the new Cherry Lipstain – please think again. It really makes you look like you have just been eating a cherry lollipop and is hard to cover with other lipstick when you decide you don’t like it.

Then, there was off to Nordstrom’s for a bra fitting. Screech! Hold the presses! A bra fitting. Yes, ladies, you all need one. Interestingly, I walked out with the same size I walked in but I did get a nicer bra when I usually don’t let myself splurge in this department. Nordstroms had a wonderful cafe where I noshed on blue cheese and walnut salad and the soup of the day. Delicious without being heavy or diet busting!

Have three women at the mall makes the trip even more fun because everyone has different but same interests. We can all go into a store for makeup and one buys lipstick, one buys face cleanser and other products, and I bought face wipes that take off all your makeup in one swipe. I am totally addicted to Sephora’s face wipes.

After lunch, our one friend headed home to find my husband. Hmm, I need to rephrase again. That didn’t come out right. My husband is helping my friend put back together her kitchen and needed her back home to go get more supplies. I didn’t think about me being home so that he could leave our girls with me to go to the store also. Oops.

So, what next? Still in the mall, I needed to buy a solid color shirt for the "Auditioning for TV" class I am taking on Monday nights on some wild whim. My friend had to return a shirt at J. Crew where there was maybe one large in the entire store of smalls and mediums. Hello, America.

Next, we ventured into Lord & Taylor where I NEVER shop. I couldn’t believe the awesome milf porn deals I came across on their sale racks. For a total of around $25, I got two shirts, originally $100 each, that were well-made and lovely. I always think I need to shop in cheaper stores but if you are willing to wait until the end of the season, it is truly amazing what you can get in really good quality items at budget prices. After looking at leather purses in all the stores, I was also able to get a cute Wilson’s Leather Blue purse with buckles for only $25 through their 75% off sale. Finally, my one friend got a great deal on shoes at Skechers, which ended our over-stayed trip to the mall today. Boy, the time flys when you are having fun. Better yet, I get to tell hubby how much money I saved him today.

The best part of today was that I felt I got what I needed without blowing the home budget. Never fear, I did that a couple of hours later when I went to the normal grocery store without my coupons! Groceries add up at a sinful rate.

Ecclesiastes 4:12b says "A cord of three strands is not quickly broken" and today a gaggle of three friends did a fun trip to the mall make. Making memories with good friends not only grows that friendship but helps add to the spice of life. God made us to need friends and I am grateful for those He has given me.

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  1. Any time you need a shopping partner, you know where to find her! ;-)

  2. Aha! So that’s what she was up to all day Saturday! It’s always good to have connections to find out information! lol!! Hey, glad you stopped by the ‘ole farm for a visit, I do hope you come by often. It’s not life in the fast lane but I sure love it. :0) I totally agree with what you said on having friends. It is such an important relationship in life and you sure have a great one in dcrmom! She is a doll and is beautiful inside and out. I am so thrilled with her success with this blogging stuff! She sure has been a HUGE help to me as I am rather computer challenged. Take care and stop by again soon!!


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