Saturday Summary – Lots of Smiles

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Things that made me smile this week were:

1) A wonderful giveaway at the Handyman’s Podcast! You do have to listen to the Handyman’s audio podcast (Episode 6-The tool kit) to learn about the giveaway but it is worth the handy tips to listen! You can download it to your IPOD or listen directly through the computer.

2) Snow days!! – Finally. With sick kids at home, it was good to have a reason to keep them out of school to get better and they had fun playing in the snow! Thursday was completely clear! We woke up Friday to 3.5 inches of snow and a winter wonderland!


3) Finished Projects!

Before: Dscn0784
        AFTER:Dscn0792             Dscn0802


  1. I love your daily cartoon! I love a good chuckle to start my day off! I always loved snow days so my son could be home and we could do fun stuff like make home made play dough. Now I have my grandchildren on snow days sometimes and we do the same things!

  2. Hi,
    So great to have you aboard Smiley Saturday this week. Thanks for joining in. I hope you continue to do so. :)

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