Prayer Needed ASAP – Home in Ruins

Please pray for a family we know who had a house fire this week. Their home is destroyed and what fire has not consumed on the first floor and basement, smoke damage has ruined.

I will have more details to add to this post tomorrow about the exact prayer needs and what needs to be replaced. Apparently, a lot of people have stepped forward to help but it is going to be a mess tomorrow. Everyone is just so grateful no one was hurt but when something like this happens so much still needs to be done and pieced together. The reality of cleaning up and seeing treasured mementos destroyed has got to be so hard.

Thank you for your prayers both for the family and for the workers tomorrow, cleaning out, including myself.


  1. Laurel Wreathl says:

    Wow I pray things are going smoothly and they will get all their needs provided for.


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