Fight the Frump for Bikini Season

Fightfrumpbutton When Musings of a Housewife told me about Fight the Frumpy with Fussy I thought "Easy! I have been on a roll since January, getting in shape with my body and makeup."

And then, I looked down. Pink polka dotted pajamas still on the bod. Oops. It’s only 1 PM.

Time to go get a shower and get presentable for my wonderful husband who is coming home this afternoon after being gone all week. Oops, it is afternoon. Better write this post fast.

A couple of recent posts I have done to Fight the Frump include:

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Fighting the Frump is hard work but makes you feel GREAT in the end – especially when bikini season hits. Okay, honestly, I haven’t worn a bikini since 1st grade and the thought of trying to wear one makes me just want to quit now. Which is why you make your goal attainable and work from there! Get a fresh, clean start today, right now.

Check out Frumpy’s Fight the Frump post for more tips!


  1. Love your blog. Love it. Just added you to my reader.

  2. These are some great ideas – Welcome to Fight the Frump!

  3. I gave up the bikinis a little later then you, but after 3 kids they are gone forever…sigh, a little tear rolling down the cheek…

    But there is always hope for a cute suit.

  4. Well, your post got my attention, although my first thought was that bikinis are only a distant memory for me…never to be seen on my body again. But it looks like you have some great ideas here. Kudos to you for your hard work on getting in shape!

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