Teacher's Conferences – Pray for this mommy.

Pray for me on Friday, I have a teacher’s conference. There is a sweet teacher who needs to know the Lord. This sweet teacher has given my child a poor grade for not turning in assignments my daughter says the teacher didn’t tell her to turn in.

I personally am not feeling so sweet about this teacher and pray to the Lord in heaven above for the wisdom, grace, love, kindness, gentleness and self-control only He can give. There are times we parents need everything God has given us and more to be a witness. There are times we just don’t want to be loving and fair. Our children are our treasures and it is hard to see them hurting, struggling and to admit that, yes, my own flesh and blood, is wrong perhaps. I’ll find out on Friday.

I ask myself, revealing that motherly insecurity: What did I not do as a mother to support her? What did I not do to make sure she was all she needed to be to this sweet teacher? I can’t be there all the time. Sometimes she will have to fight her own battles and learn from them and speak up if something does not seem just right. Sometimes I can help. Other times, I will only be in the way.

Amazing how this struggle is so much like our relationship with God. He lets us go and then, what do we do? He must get so frustrated with us not doing our "assignments" the way He asked us to.  We come to Him crumpled, food stained, torn, dog bitten. He loves us anyway.

I thought of many ways I could apply my daughter’s school report to my own life. Sometimes, yes, I hurry through things God has put in my path so I can get on with the next "assignment." Yes, I could be more thorough in my walk with the Lord, more dedicated to the excellent practice of reading His word every day and being prepared for the pop quizzes He throws my way. I wonder–is God calling me to be a leader, to raise my hand more and am I resisting? Do I strive for excellence? Do I speak up when things are just not right?

I don’t have teachers giving me grades anymore and that is why I pray. God is my teacher, judge, and savior and He’s watching me this Friday. He will know if I have shown His love and grace. He will know if I have acted out the gospel to those who don’t know the hope I have in Jesus.

Pray for me. Pray I will somehow use this opportunity to share light into the life of a woman who needs Jesus. Pray that I can stand up to the test and be all I can be in Christ. He has given me an assignment that I can prepare for and be ready. The beauty of the Christian life is that, unlike school where each student has to be responsible for his or her own work, I am not in this alone. This is a team effort and that’s why I ask your prayers.

"For none of us lives to himself alone and none of us dies to himself alone. If we live, we live to the Lord; and if we teen girl porn die, we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord."

Romans asian chinese porn movies 14:7-8 (NIV)


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  1. Praying.

    I’ve appreciated our teacher’s policy to have a parent sign the kid’s assignment book each day. This has kept us on top of things (aside from those times that my brain is in a fog whilst signing!) Although, this only helps for homework, quizzes, test, reports, etc. not lessons in the classroom.

    Maybe such a policy would be a good suggestion for this teacher to implement if she does not do so already.


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