Saturday Summary: Podcasts, Profiles and Purple Petunias

Wow – What a crazy week! God has blessed me as I have learned sooo much about Blogland, writers, writing resources and more.

In return, I “blew the dust” off my Quark program and have tried to bless my husband by helping him and his friend create business cards and flyers for their new podcast program to hand out this weekend at the local home show. See below:Podcastflyers4x6

Now announcing, the Handyguys Podcast! Brian and Paul will be sharing tool reviews, answers to your “honey-do” list problems and more. Please call in and leave a question for them to answer on their weekly show!

(When you call, check my blog first and add what I need done this week too – Just kidding!)

I have also tried to bless dating sites my mom by writing her profile or life story in 800 words for the ITP society called PDSA, helping people with the quiet but deadly autoimmune disease that affects your platelets. I will post her story in a page after I finish tweaking it today for final submission and removing names for privacy. It is amazing what people are living with that you have no idea unless a crisis occurs.

God blessed me on Friday when I asked for your prayers for the teacher’s conference. My little one’s teacher was totally understanding that neither her nor my daughter seemed to have the heavily weighted assignment and let my little one have another chance to do it and have it in by Monday. I am learning to speak up (with love and grace) and be my children’s defender when they need the props!

The sweet teacher had also forgotten a “lunch with the teacher” that Laura had saved for and turned in 15 “caught being good” bucks. She was completely apologetic when I just mentioned it in passing and rescheduled for this coming week. My daughter said it was nothing but the fact that she was still mentioning it I knew it had discouraged her from saving the “caught being good” bucks.

Turning 40 this year, I am realizing that life is too short not to speak up. It took me this long! I am also pitching the best free asian porn and tossing!! I gave away a trunk load of stuff to Goodwill. I sold 5 things on E-bay and have two full bins of more to list and I threw out boxes and boxes of stuff from storage. My dear handyman said he would build more shelves. “Why,” I said, “do you build more shelves for stuff you never look at!”

Pitchin’ and tossin’ — Get ‘er done – Got ‘er did! I have plenty more to do too.

And, FRUGALITY rules! With no more out-of-the-house income, I am looking for creative ways to save on groceries, etc. (See more on this later!) I found a wonderful food outlet store. I filled a cart with meats and other groceries and the whole bill came to $105!! I would have spent over $200 for the same food at a regular grocery store.

We did have a death in the family this week. A wonderfully delightfully previous neighbor of my husband was 95. Though she wasn’t officially “family,” she was like family and a dear friend to my mother-in-law. She shared to this world such an example of graciousness, always asking about you and your interests adding wonderful stories of her own. She dressed impeccably, often having to prepare several hours later in life to look her suit & pearls best, even just to come across the street to visit with us at my in-laws house before moving from the neighborhood to a nursing care facility. Until the end, her mind was incredibly clear, always ready to make you feel special. What an example to follow!

Today, I am going into the big city of Philly (more prayers needed) for a class on the business of acting. After our extra experience (See my blog “Quiet on the Set”), I want to understand the process more clearly.

Anyway, off to the races. My girls are at a Monopoly-Dogopoly marathon with their Auntie in New Jersey so time to catch up on paperwork this AM. (Oh, and in case you are wondering why my title includes purple petunias – you will have to read my book I was writing this week to find out – which is not in print yet so you’ll just have to be in suspense!)


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  1. Laurel Wreathl says:

    Wow there is a lot in this post.

    1. Good luck to your man on his podcast, that is exciting.

    2. How neat you get to write your Mom’s profile.

    3. Turning 40 huh? Well I will only be 38 this coming year, so you go first and tell me how it is on “the other side.” =)

    4. watch Awesome on the groceries!!

    I enjoyed reading about your busy week, have a restful weekend.

  2. Oh, I remember your “Aunt”! She was always such a sweetie. Our condolensces to everyone.


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