Bandfest was today and my ten year old popped up out of bed like a jack rabbit in stone soup! (See Stone Soup for the folktale reference.)

Around November, L. was told that she would be one of only four from her school to get to go to this regional event called "Bandfest." Practice caused every sort of craziness as Lindsey was increasingly pulled out of classes to prepare. The tension mounted and finally the day came.

Bag lunch, water bottle, sheet music, trumpet, concert clothes – check, check, check. I dropped her off early for a day of practice and fellowship with other little budding musicians until the concert at 7 PM.

Once again juggling activities, I raced my other daughter to gymnastics after school, waited an hour on pins and needles and raced straight to the strange school where the bandfest was held. In by a slide! We got there just in time to wait a little bit before the doors opened.

Whatever I expected, it certainly wasn’t 101 5th and 6th graders from 18 different schools filling the stage as official looking as a real orchestra. I could barely see my daughter in the trumpet section.

The children played beautifully. The seven pieces they played were as follows:
    – Star Spangled Banner         arr. Mark Williams
    – Hands Across the Sea        J.P. Sousa, arr. Jerry Brubaker
    – Jupiter from "The Planets"    G. Holst, arr. R. Smith/M. Story
    – An Irish Air                         arr. Robert Sheldon               
    – Jamaica Farewell                    Irving Burgle, arr. John Moss
    – lesbian porn The Mystery of Duffy’s Cut    arr. Robert Sheldon
    – Jurassic Park                            John Williams, arr. Eric Wilson

When the guest director spoke, he said that music or the arts allow us to transcend every day life. The bulletin listed his vast experience but also said his source firm belief "is that music has value sometimes for the shear beauty it affords, most often to console, uplift and encourage the human spirit, and ultimately to bring glory to God."

Amen to that!

Anyone out there play trumpet?


  1. sounds like fun!!

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